who we are

CABLENA is a multinational, company of Mexico, with more than 60 years of foundation and present in Brazil since 1997.

We are part of the Condumex Group belonging to the CARSO Group of companies. Within our conglomerate, in addition to industrial companies, we have companies from different sectors such as: Civil Construction, Banks, Mining and Telecommunications, especially in the last one, the América Movil Group – controller in Brazil of Claro S.A (Embratel and NET).

We produce Optical Cables, Automotive Cables and Power Cables in Brazil, where quality is the fundamental premise and respect for the environment is integral.

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Mapa global estilizado com destaque para México, Brasil, Espanha e China

national production

  • Automotive Cables;

  • Electrical cables for electrical and construction segments;

  • Optical cables;

It is important to give our children a better country,
but it is more important to give better children to your country.
― Carlos Slim Helú

Research and Development

We have our own research and development center that is a reference in Latin America. CIDEC (Centro e Investigación y Desarrollo Carso) is located in the city of Querétaro – Mexico and has highly specialized professionals and its own technology, allowing the group companies to develop products tailored to the needs of their customers. Today we have 67 patents in Mexico, 107 international and 149 more filed, totalizing 323 patents.
In Brazil, automotive cables, power cables and optical cables are developed, tested and approved.
Automotive cables have been approved by the world’s leading automakers and can be used anywhere in the world.
Power cords fully comply with all applicable requirements and have Inmetro approval, providing your home with complete safety for you and your family.
Optical cables have been designed and optimized for service, from ISPs to major telephony operators, providing state of the art fiber optics.

Our factories are ISO 1401, ISO / TS 16949 and ISO 9001 certified.

Diagrama com logo da Cablena ao centro e diversos segmentos de atuação ao redor
Logos da Anatel, Inmetro e Qualifio

The cablena

Get to know CABLENA and be part of our history. All things are connected. And we will keep connecting.

All of Cablena do Brasil are committed to quality management objectives for the continuous improvement of our products and processes, focusing on meeting the requirements agreed with our customers and stakeholders, aiming at business profitability.

All of Cablena do Brasil are committed to preserving natural resources and reducing their consumption to prevent pollution and protect the environment. We work for the rational use of energy, water resources and control of waste generated through continuous improvement of our processes, compliance with legal, regulatory and other stakeholder requirements determined by the organization.

Environmental Objectives

  • Comply with legal provisions and other requirements applicable to environmental management;
  • Prevent, control and reduce waste generated by products and processes;
  • Continuously improve our production processes for environmental protection;
  • Promote the culture of environmental sustainability in our employees, suppliers and customers.
  • Increase customer satisfaction;
  • Continuously improve product quality and operational process effectiveness;
  • Comply with stakeholder expectations.

To be one of the market leaders in which we participate, meeting customer needs with cutting-edge technology, quality, competitive price and efficient service.

To be recognized within the cable industries where we operate, providing products with technology, price and competitive services, also seeking to operate in other South American countries.

  • Exceed customer expectations;
  • Eliminate all types of waste and activities that do not generate value for customers;
  • Constantly reduce time: customer response, new product development, production and delivery;
  • Competitively produce any volume;
  • Quality before, during and after;
  • Integrate the chain from customers to suppliers through a relationship based on the recognition of mutual interests;
  • Apply 5 Rs (Redesign, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rationalize) at all times;
  • Health, Safety and Ecology for the well-being of the employees and the community.

Organization Values

Customer service

The customer is the most important to our company. We must provide timely service before, during, and after meeting product and service needs. Always maintain a conduct of cordiality and kindness.

Continuous Improvement

Maintain an attitude of innovation and creativity every day in order to improve our processes, products and services.


In our way of acting the moral principles must prevail (justice, respect, integrity, honesty and discretion).


Seek the participation of all people in the execution of established activities, problem solving and continuous process improvement, working as a team and seeking to improve productivity.


All employees must be committed to the performance of their activities, the planned objectives and the established deadlines.


All employees should share information, suggestions and experiences among each other and with customers.

Interaction with the Environment

Work in a caring and environmentally friendly way.

We have a corporate integrity program focused on achieving the objectives mentioned above and it is structured as follows:

The pillar of the corporate culture on which our company has been based since its creation, is ethical conduct. It is included in the mission, vision and values, business plans and the Social Responsibility policy.

Ethics in business, respect for human rights and anti-corruption are elements that seek to ensure that our activities and those of personnel comply with the laws and regulations applicable in the country.

In addition, they seek to generate behavior based on ethical values and formal commitments to conduct, as well as to prevent and detect any violation in time and form.

Code of Ethics Management Model

It establishes principles of action for personnel, in aspects related to corruption and bribery, respect and fair treatment of people, equal opportunities, personal and professional development, health and safety at work, respect for the environment, among others.

Ethics Committee

He is responsible for ensuring knowledge, application and compliance with the Code itself.

Insurance Systems

The mechanisms are organized to monitor the disclosure and compliance with the Code of Ethics, such as:

Whistleblowing channel, through which employees, customers and suppliers can consult or report illegal situations.

Adhesion Letter means that the staff declares to have read, understood and agreed to adhere to ethical conduct, internal and external regulations and to report any lack of responsibility in a responsible manner.

Course on the Code, which corresponds to a recent update on our action plans, including it as an inevitable aspect for all personnel, from induction to ratification through operational and communication meetings.

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